Aerosol Accessories

Propellants for Aerosol

Liquid Propellant

Air Or Compressed gas











Hydrocarbon blends








Aerosol Over Cap

Over caps are designed to be used with aluminium cans from Æ MM to Æ80 mm and tinplate cans from Æ45 mm to Æ 73 mm


All dimensional specifications should be considered for reference us only. 

Aerosol Actuator

Hydra spray cap is a standard spray cap specifically developed for cosmetics, household and insecticide product  . It is produced in a wide range of colors. Hydra is available in two different versions  : Two-piece ( with micro mist insert and Single-piece (with Directional Hole ) 


All dimensional specifications should be considered for reference us only.

A wide range of standard actuators for aerosol valves are available to match the varying applications required.

Besides the actuators for common used (foams, gels, liquid and viscous products , etc.) there are also actuators with special characteristics and functions. 

For Gel and Foam Products



For Creams and lotions


For Spray Products 


All dimensional specifications should be considered for reference us only. 

Aerosol Valve

Aerosol Valves are devices that release products in spray mode different spray modes from containers under pressure. The most common applications are in the packaging of personal deodorants, hair sprays, insecticides,  ousehold and food products, and decoration and technical products. Most of the aerosol valves are in continuous spray mode. Meterec dose aerosol valves are used for specific application particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. 


All dimensional specifications should be considered for reference us only.

 INNOVATION: BAG-ON-VALVE or a bag in a can. 

[] Bag-On-Valve is a revolutionary dispensing system which allows you to achieve superior performance in terms of product protection and delivery.  It is essentially a bag in a can.  It consists of a laminated pouch which is put into the can.  The laminated pouch is then filled with the product, completely segregating and protecting your product from the external environment be it air or light.  The Bag-On-Valve system produces barrier and impermeability that prevents contamination.  This means that your product will not be mixed with propellant or ever touch the steel or aluminum can.  This system is particularly suitable for products containing ingredients that are light- and air-sensitive or corrosive.  


Inside Bag-On-Valve


Bag-On-Valve Solution


BOV Solution

Unable to spray at certain angles, i.e. upside-down.

360°  Actuation

Can be used in any position

Discontinued flow of product.

The pressurized air/nitrogen between bag and product assures a steady product flow


Hermetic seal within the bag –no contamination, total product integrity protection

Active ingredients in product become ineffective when in contact with gas or air

Product integrity: suitable for oxygen-sensitive and light-sensitive formulations

Leakage, Cracks

Maximum impact resistance

Gases damage the environment

Non-toxic propellant -environmentally friendly dispensing system

Aerosol Can

Tin Cans   2  Pieces and 3 Pieces Style .

- Size from Æ 45 mm to Æ 73 mm  Height from 120 – 320 mm 
- Valves are designed to be used with tin-plate cans from Æ 45 mm to Æ 73 mm 


Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Cans size from Æ 22 mm to Æ 80 mm   Height from 60 mm to 280 mm .
Valves are designed to be used Aluminum cans from Æ 22 mm to Æ 80 mm