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50 Years: A journey towards success of Chaturong Cooling Group
1966 - 1985

A Leader in Refrigeration Sine 1966

1990 - 1995

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants

2000 - 2003

Exporter of Refrigerants


Industrial Aerosol Packaging


Cosmetic and Cosmeceutical Aerosol Packaging

2016 - Current

Food & Phamaceutical Aersol Packaging

A Leader in Refrigeration since 1966.

The company was established by Mr. Ruck Charastrakul in 1966.  Chaturong Cooling provided refrigeration to the cinemas, hotels and other industries.  The business developed from providing refrigeration installation to manufacturing water chiller units.  In 1972, we were the first manufacturer in Thailand to have successfully developed Water Chiller Units which were used in big refrigeration systems in industries that required cold water to run the engines.  Building on the expertise in the refrigeration business, we progressed as a manufacturer and expanded our range of products further to include refrigeration spare parts as well as refrigerants, first in the Thai market and later abroad.  


Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants

Increased environmental awareness has encouraged us to invest in green innovation and environmentally friendly products.  Our approach has resulted in a business operation that is environmentally conscious every step of the process, from clean production with pollution prevention and toxic-free products.  We are pioneers in introducing natural refrigerants to the Thai market in the 1990s and the first in Thailand to replace CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs with HC which is eco-friendly and better for the atmosphere and earth’s surface as well as helping to reduce global warming.  In 2003, we began to export hydrocarbon refrigerants to Japan, under the brand “COLD 12”. 

Exporter of Refrigerants

To serve our international market, Luck 118 Enterprise was established as an exporting company in 2000.  Since then, we have been exporting premium grade refrigerants products to the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia as well as Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan.  Our rapid successes stem from the exceptional quality of our refrigerants which has high purity and low humidity as well as a responsive customer service team who looks after the needs of both regular and new customers.

Industrial Aerosol Packaging

In 2003, building on our extensive expertise in the refrigerant industry, we expanded our business divisions to offer services in aerosol packaging for industrial products.  These include gases, compressor oil, automotive, and silicone sprays.  Our automated high-speed rotary aerosol filling lines have the capacity to handle large quantities of orders.  Nevertheless, we have a flexible Minimum Order Quantity that enables start-up businesses to order the exact quantity that they require.  In the past two decades, we have served and supported both big companies and SMEs in their aerosol packaging needs.

Cosmetic and Cosmeceutical Aerosol Packaging

In 2010, realizing that there was a need in the market for cosmetic packaging services, we expanded our aerosol filling services to include cosmetic and personal care products.  Future Solutions Cosmetics (FSC) was established in 2014 as a daughter company of Chaturong Cooling Partnership Limited.  Combining customers’ creativity with our expertise, we provide services that empower customers to create their own cosmetics and cosmeceutical brand for aerosol spray products.  In the last decade, we have developed an expertise in cosmetics packaging, delivering the sleek and clean aerosol packaging that modern consumers find attractive and appealing.

Pharmaceutical Aerosol Packaging

Building further on our experience in cosmetics and personal care aerosol packaging which requires high standards of operating procedures to ensure product hygiene and safety, our mission is to serve the pharmaceutical market and food aerosol packaging in the near future.

" Total quality management of our product and service is our key success factor to total customer satisfaction "