Aerosol Filling Service



Chaturong Cooling Partnership Limited is an OEM which offers contract aerosol filling services at all scales.  Our automated high-speed rotary aerosol filling lines have the capacity to handle large quantities of orders
(20,000 Units /Day ) .  Yet, our flexible Minimum Order Quantity enables start-up businesses to order the exact quantity that they require and supports new entrepreneurial projects.

One-Stop solution to your aerosol packaging needs.

  • Flexible all-inclusive aerosol filling and packaging service at all scales to suit your needs.
  • Consultation service including formulation, testing and packaging design.
  • A wide range of cans, actuator and cap options .
  • A wide range of propellants for aerosol packaging .

Wide range of Propellants

  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrocarbons
  • R134a
  • DME


  • Overall capacity 25,000 – 30,000 units per shift per day depending on size of packaging.
  • Additional shift possible for urgent orders.
  • New products completed within 45-60 working days after approving artwork